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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> >> >> the city of san francisco
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sfgtv meeting for land use and economic development committee occurring april 28, 2014 will begin shortly.
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee. to my right
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is supervisor kim the vice chair and to my left is supervisor cohen and we are broadcast today by sfgtv. madam clerk are there any announcements? >> please turn off any electronic devices and please turn in cards and documented part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. the items will appear on a future agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you and public comment is two minutes for public comment and this are cards in the front of the room. madam clerk will you call item one. >> item one is a resolution approving the acquisition of 28
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avigation easements for the noise insulation program. >> and number one was sent to the land use and economic development committee. it's for the budget and finance committee and my motion after public comment to refer the bottom to the budget and finance committee. if there are no comments we will open it up for public comment. any public comment on item one? seeing none public comment is closed. [gavel] colleagues could i have a motion to refer this to the budget committee? >>i am happy to make the motion so this say motion we can make. it doesn't have to happen through the president? >> madam clerk. >> yes. >> so i will make a motion to transfer to the balance budget and finance committee. >> yes. >> and we will take that without objection. >> yes. >> clerk will you call item two. >> number two is addressing the planning code for the production, distribution, and repair zoning to facilitate the
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establishment of uses. >> thank you and supervisor cohen is the lead author of this item and madam clerk it you would add my name as a cosponsor as well i would appreciate it. >> thank you very much for hearing this item today. this legislation is actually a long time in coming. when the city adopted the eastern neighborhoods plan many thought we were making a mistake for zoning portions for pdr uses and no longer a demand for manufacturing in the city and i am proud to say those people are wrong. data shows that we have an increase of need for space in san francisco. the legislation does a number of things to support and grow our manufacturing sector in san francisco. specifically it removes the requirement to obtain a conditional use approval from the planning commission for common pdr uses
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who want to locate in those districts. it also allows small manufacturers to pull their resources and share accessory retail space which are central to their businesses. it supports the development of new manufacturing spaces in conjunction with the rebuilt self storage use. it facilitates the development of small develop work space in a greater number of areas and is an incubator and incentive for new pdr spaces on vacant or under utilized parcels in the industrial district. we worked for more than a year with input from several supervisor's offices and with key community stakeholders to incorporate feedback and recommendations. specifically after hearing from several stakeholders including representatives from the
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eastern neighborhoods citizen's advisory committee the council and we have met substantial revisions to the ordinance which follow. adding a requirement that developers of newly constructed space submit a detailed business plan that specifies purpose, proposed tenants for the space, measures to ensure it's user for the users. efforts to work with the community and hiring disadvantaged workers and disclosure of information about their anticipated rents so we can make sure the space will remain affordable. it establishes a two year pilot program for new construction requiring evaluation by the planning department to determine if we want to modify or continue the incentive program after two years. added language to encourage the use of hiring
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programs that are commonly used by organizations such as meta, including jobs now and state and federal tax credit programs. it eliminates ipdr from the code which was not being frequently used, and relied on the benefits of the old enterprise zoned tax credit program. legislation also specifies the number of parcels that would be eligible for a new construction program in the legislation so that there is no confusion about later who can and cannot qualify. and more than a dozen other changes have been requested by the small business commission as well as the planning commission and community stakeholders. the legislation has been the result of significant collaboration and i am proud to say it was supported by all of these commissions and the advisory committee. i'm going to ask a
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few individuals to provide further details on this proposal so we have a few short presentations and first i would like to bring up the mayor's office to speak on this item. thank you. >> thank you supervisors. mr. chair, john lou with office of economic development. given the supervisor's overview the presence of department staff here that is available to talk more about the specifics on the legislation if there's need or desire i will be brief. the mayor was pleased to introduce this legislative package along with several supervisors including chiu and campos and supervisor cohen of this committee and working in coordination with our partners and the executive director is here today with important partner in putting this together so lend support to local
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manufacturing sectors always been a key element of the mayor's 17 point job plan so it was in this vain over the last year we were able to produce this package with the cosponsors and industry sponsors and it's because we're part of a national trend that seen growth in manufacturing. san francisco is now struggling to find space for small and medium size businesses and those that wish to locate here in the city so in that vain this package was produced and the goal is two fold to ease the regulatory land use process around certain operations in the city and ultimately to incentivize the production of new manufacturing in the city, so as the supervisor mentioned it's really worth noting how far we come in the past 10-15 years
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both in the nature and tone of the dialogue and hearing rooms throughout this building at that time, and really trying to answer the question as to whether there was a need for the eastern neighborhood zoning to accommodate any industrial zoning at all whether a demand for the operations in san francisco in the future, and now the conversation as evolved to a much different place. we're now discussing how better to support these businesses allow them to grow, and provide new space for the years to come, so in closing i just want to point out again and extend thanks to supervisor cohen and representing the district that hosts the majority of the pdr -- remaining zones in san francisco and an relationship and thank you for the leadership on the issue and thank you mr. chair and i am here with staff to
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answer any questions? >> thank you. next we will hear from the planning department. >> good afternoon supervisors. i will keep this brief because supervisor cohen did a great job summarizing the legislation. we created the neighborhood in the bay view and created sanctuaries for these issues and banning households and office uses and this worked exactly as we intended and providing this and we have seen the pdr sector rebound and particularly the manufacturing sector and affiliated with these companies and we noticed aspects of the zoning that could be changed to help these businesses based on real cases we have seen. this legislation is our attempt to
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make the changes and do four things, promote the creation for more businesses, make the spaces function better, make it easier to be a priewld and controls more comprehensible and we're excited to support these changes from the planning department and support the well being of pdr businesses throughout the city and we're happy we're able to make this a collaborative effort. i am happy to answer any questions in this hearing. >> thank you. next we will hear from kate and the executive director of sf made and she will give her perspective and how this benefits manufactures in the cities. >> this is a collaboration. thank you supervisor cohen for your leadership in the process and it's been very much collaborative across multiple supervisors offices and supervisor campos and yours as well and the planning
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department, the mayor's office but more than anything the legislation was informed by the power and data for 540 local manufacturers and many are here today and designed to protect what we have and we're at a crossroads right now and both growing the sector but we started to lose manufacturers for the first time, not because they don't want to be here or because of the expense of being here, but simply because we can't find the space, so this legislation colleagues have described is intended to both preserve what's working and certainly not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water but look at inspicive approaches including new construction on the 16 parcels that have been identified and it is also a type that we haven't seen use of and the small
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enterprise work space that we believe it result with the changes in the legislation that you see will produce a small number of additional multi-tenant buildings that can handle early stage manufacturing and other uses. we urge you to adopt the legislation as written. we will hear from some of the companies that will benefit from the legislation and for them there are so many others that couldn't be here today. the men and women who couldn't take time away as those here did and explain why this is important us to. this vote sends a message to this sector we care about this sector. we recognize this sector and provides jobs to the people that we are worry about and affordable housing and this is where they work and thank you and i am humbled to represent these companies here today. thank you. >> thank you. that's a great
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segue into public comment. is that okay mr. chair? >> great. we will call a handful of names and you don't have to speak in order that i call you but if you could line up when i call you, and if anyone needs special accommodation for whatever reason let us know and steve cooklyn -- i apologize for mispronouncing names. (calling speaker names). sorry, i cannot read the last name. michael giewtenburg.
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autumn [inaudible]. hi. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am steve and representing the owners of an existing storage sight in the bay view on gerald avenue. we think the goals are of the legislation are laudable. creation of this space is critical to maintain blue collar jobs in san francisco and cross subsidy with other uses is the most efficient way for the city to construct new space. in 2011 my client submitted a planning application for mix use pdr and storage facility to do just that and create 28 spaces averaging 1400 feet along with wholesale and public storage on a site that contains 68,000 feet of public storage. the new storage would make it affordable and provide flexibility space for
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the manufacturers raw material and equipment and inventory. over 50% of the existing facilities are loosed to pdr uses. we strongly believe that a mixed use pdr and storage facility would provide a economic viable model for the space in the proper ratio. unfortunately the proposed simple replacement policy for these projects is not feasible. if you really want to create this type of pdr space we request at the very least 1/3 to two thirds pdr to public storage similar to the proposed ratio for office space. we would be thrilled to use this as a pilot project under the plan. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon dr. espinola jackson here. i would like to
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say i have lived in hunter's point, bay view hunter's point for the last -- since 1948, and i have a concern with the pdr, the zoning change, because what occurred is someone applied for a change with the pdr at 3453 street and we in the community oppose that area being set up as a clinic, but guess what? it's a clinic there with babies coming there, and it's very toxic there. if you don't know the area you shouldn't be voting on this. i'm not talking about the storage. i am talking about other areas because the cac that you just set up a couple of months ago i went to the last meeting they didn't even have a quorum so they couldn't vote on this, and i have a concern with this rush through dealing with the shipyard because this would
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even include the hunter's point shipyard what they plan to do in that area and there hasn't been an environmental impact report in that area because we got jury to rule in our favor against the board of supervisors, and the city planning department of having the -- the fact they were saying the area was clean and san francisco health department so you have people who you think are support you, supposed to be looking out for the health and well being of the community is not doing that so i am just hoping you don't approve this entire portion. i agree with this young man that spoke before. if you're talking about just storage space fine but if it's other than storage i would disagree. >> thank you. next speaker. >> back in 2002 when mr. green was the planning director we
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discussed every detail about pdrs. we now have a district supervisor who is bringing about some changes, and kind of sending mixed signals. not too long ago she rushed to the planning department and to the land use over 15 blocks from industrial or pdr so they could accommodate users like a hospital. now, i see that there's some general language, but where you going to get the space? the problem is if anybody wants a space for pdr especially in district 10, the bay view, there is no space, so how you going to accommodate people from somewhere else? now, when we first discuss
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about pdr we embrace the latinos, the chinese, those who couldn't speak english and got their input. i wonder if that was done this time. people are trying to rush through legislation because the elections are near. people are not representing the community. their heart is not in the right place, so i know that if an investigation is done, and i don't mean a legal investigation by the fbi, but i mean an investigation on space, pollution, transportation, other quality of life issues and you link it to this mickey mouse and set here so it sounds great but it's very difficult to enforce and most importantly the problem there is no space. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> thank you supervisors. my name is ray mosely. i am with [inaudible] and with my colleague rachel and we are here in support of the legislation primarily because of the legislation we're able to create real jobs. we have a manufacturing -- time manufacturing facility at 18th and alabama that has 23 people on the production floor. we form glaze, fire and qc close to thousand feet of tile a day that we ship worldwide out of that facility. we also have a separate shipping crew that ships -- of five people that ships in essence of 30 packages a day again out of that facility and being frank without the
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legislation that facility couldn't exist. those folks couldn't have jobs here in san francisco so we absolutely support the legislation. >> thank you very much. >> and i'm a huge fan of your spot on alabama. >> next speaker. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is holly caan. i am with timbuctu and a manufacturing manager. i have my team leaders behind me. we have been in the mission district in san francisco for 25 years and both these ladies respectively have worked for years with the company. they live in san francisco. they are proud to be employed in the city, be able to give back to the city, have jobs they can easily get to and support their families in the city. as timbuctu continues to grow and they're part of this growth as the manufacturing is
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responsible for 40-50% of the business we can't continue to grow without the space and we have total of 60 in our company. we are the only timbuctu manufacturer in san francisco and it's just really important to grow and have the space to help these women support their families and it's not possible without the legislation so we're in full support of the pdr. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am robin esveedo with [inaudible] mattress company with two of our workers. we have been in san francisco on market and [inaudible] and happy to